Under normal circumstances one would not be required to pay VAT on purchasing a Stairlift VAT Exemption on Stairlifts is explained below there are two types of VAT Exemption 0% VAT & 5% VAT

VAT Exemption on Stairlifts

0% VAT Exemption
IF a person is chronically sick or disabled or classed as a senior Citizen aged over 60 then they would be entitled to 0% VAT on the purchase of a Stairlift be it new or reconditioned units

Chronically Sick or Disabled Meaning
One who may have a mental or physical impairment? Are unable to carry out normal everyday activities an illness such as arthritis, Diabetes, lung or heart conditions and the terminally ill

5% VAT Exemption
If a person applying for VAT relief is over 60 but does not suffer from a disability or medical condition as stated above they could be entitled to a reduced rate off 5% VAT Exemption on Stairlifts to cover the purchase and installation of a Chairlift

Please note the VAT Relief exemption only applies to people purchasing a Stairlift for a domestic property and personnel use of the item

If in doubt about eligibility one could always check with HM Revenue & Customs or telephone HM advice service on 0845 010 900

Here at Stairlift Trader we simply have a declaration box on our invoice form where one would simply state the nature of their disability and sign the form; job complete nothing else needs to be done or required on your part

There can be some confusion VAT Relief on Stairlift Batteries bit of a grey area and approached dealt with differently from company to company

There is VAT to pay if purchasing Stairlift Batteries direct from a retailer for self installation if purchasing direct from a Stairlift installer they should charge add VAT on the price of the item

Where one is not required to pay VAT on batteries is if you arrange for a company or installer to obtain and fit them to your unit etc

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