Using a Stairlift with dementia Alzheimer’s we often get request for advice regarding people suffering with dementia Alzheimer’s the big question mainly asked? Would a Stairlift be suitable for someone with this condition?

Every case is different and people suffering from dementia Alzheimer’s may have difficulty operating the stairlift on their own due to an impaired ability to remember, think, or make decisions by themselves

Supervised operation  

All that said there would be no reason why a person with Alzheimer’s could not use a Stairlift if assisted by a family member or care worker to aid and assist in the operation procedure of moving traversing the stairlift up or down the stairs

Two methods could be applied to this approach! A family member could walk behind the stairlift and operate the direction paddle switch / buttons on the chair arm while the user is securely strapped in the chair via the seatbelt

Method two would be to secure the user in the chair with the aid of the seatbelt then use the remote controls to operate the stairlift this could be achieved by standing at the bottom or top of the staircase

Once safely at the top of the stairs the family member / care worker could assist with swivelling the chair for safe dismount. All Stairlifts come fitted with some type of seatbelt be it a Velcro or buckle type as found in motor vehicles

Stairlifts Dementia Alzheimer's

The basic stairlift would have a manual seat swivel where the user would release a lever allowing the chair to swivel by means of using ones legs to push swivel the chair around much like swivelling when seated in an office chair

There are powered swivel seat options available at an additional cost where the chair is motorised and will automatically swivel when it reaches the top of the staircase

The family member or care worker could then undo release the seat belt and assist the user to safely dismount from the chair

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