Choosing a Stairlift Supplier installer one should carry out due diligence this plays a big part when choosing a Stairlift Supplier installer research each company ensure they have been trading for a number of years and have a proven track record

Check reviews always do a Google search “Review Stairlift Trader” a good example of what one should expect to find all our reviews are 100% genuine and have been Google verified or have a photo attached with the new owner if you come across a supplier with no reviews that should raise a red flag and obviously bad reviews speaks for itself

Recommendations from other people are a great way to find a good Stairlift supplier. No one would recommend someone if they have had a bad experience or disgruntled with the product or service provided

Obtain at least three quotes from big and small family run companies

Avoid so called Stairlift Comparison websites! No such thing! These so called Stairlift comparison websites simply collect obtain your details and pass them onto one or more companies they are affiliated with and take a commission if one of the companies installs you a stairlift

Always better to do your own research and contact the chosen company directly

Try and use a local company beware some companies will use virtual address and virtual local phone numbers to make you think they are based in your area county district etc. They could be on the other side of the country? Even worse highly unlikely they will attend to a breakdown on a Sunday afternoon leaving you stranded

Stairlift Supplier

All reputable companies will attend within 24 hours or less for Stairlift Breakdowns if you have an extended warranty package depending on the package it may include Breakdown cover attendance for the same day

Never feel pressurised into buying in fact no matter how good the deal sounds don’t sign on the day it’s amazing how different you may feel a day later? I guarantee the same deal will be available next week next month next year

Try to get as many family members involved and have them present when the surveyor arrives they possibly could raise questions you haven’t considered it’s always nice to make it a family decision

Stairlift Trader is a local Stairlift Supplier with decades of experience located in Tameside. We serve cover the whole of Greater Manchester contact us today 0161 370 6999 for a free no obligation home visit and survey with fast installation times; you could have a Stairlift installed in less than 48 hours

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