Stairlift servicing is an important part of looking after maintaining your Stairlift. Just as one would have an annual service on a car it would be wise to have your Stairlift checked over by a trained engineer to ensure its constant reliability.

Stairlift Servicing preventive maintenance

Stairlift servicing could be classed as preventive maintenance and knowing your chairlift is in tip-top condition and more importantly that it is safe to use is a big factor. When it comes to something like a stairlift, that you use every day it’s best to spend time making sure it’s always in the best condition possible.

Annual inspection

It’s recommended that you should have your Stairlift serviced annually, preferably by the company you purchased it from as they should have all the required knowledge and spare parts to service it within the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines.

Stairlift Servicing would typically involve the engineer stripping down the chairlift for access to the moving parts mechanism where they can check for signs of wear and tear on moving parts such as the rollers etc. This inspection can highlight any problems with your stairlift and give you plenty of time to carry out repairs before they develop into a serious fault.

Stairlift Servicing

Stairlift Battery Test

The condition of the batteries on your stairlift should be tested using a special meter which should give a good indication of how much lifespan the batteries contain. The engineer might recommend a replacement battery on the day of your stairlift servicing to prevent a problem in the near future, saving you an expensive emergency call-out visit as well as the inconvenience of being stranded due to a faulty stairlift.

Safety Edges OSG

All safety edges and emergency stop features should be checked for correct operation and a good examination of the OSG / safety gear mechanism is paramount.


All fixings should be checked for signs of corrosion and seat post fixings tightened torque to the correct settings as specified by each manufacturer.

Oils & Lubrication

A good clean and lubrication of moving parts is also an essential part of Stairlift servicing and should be applied within the guidelines of the manufacturer’s specifications along with correct types of oils and greases.

LOLER Inspection Testing

Stairlift servicing of domestic equipment for one’s own use is not mandatory. If the Stairlift is in a public place and being used by members of the public then the stairlift should be serviced annually and checked inspected every six months under LOLER Guidelines by a competent person

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