Yes all modern Stairlifts come with a manual Stairlift seat swivel this small device integrated into the Stairlift chair allows the user to manually swivel the chair seat 90deg to allow safe easy dismount from the stairlift chair without having to twist one’s body or legs

The Stairlift seat swivel action is facilitated by means of a small release lever depending on the manufacturer model it may have a release lever on one or both sides

One would simply depress push down the seat release lever to disengage the seat locking mechanism allowing the Stairlift user to use their feet and leg movement to push swivel the chair in the direction required; a lot like sitting in an office type chair and swivelling with the aid of inertia from the body and legs

The chair seat will lock into position so there is no possibility of the seat moving when dismounting or re-mounting from the chair. On remounting the chair seat one would simply press the lever and swivel the chair back round to its standard operating horizontal position to travel back down the stairs

Stairlift Seat Swivel

There can be occasions where the user cannot swivel the chair due to their disability or lack of leg muscles or suffering from a bad hip etc

The simple solution would be what is known as a powered seat swivel. The chair is motorised and automatically swivels when at the top of the stairs and sometimes the bottom depending on circumstances

The user has full control of how fast and rate that the chair swivels by operation of the direction paddle switch lever or buttons on the chair arm depending on model

By keeping the direction paddle / button under constant pressure! Pressed the user could swivel the chair 90deg in one smooth swoop if the rate is to fast then the operator can simply let go of the lever / button and increment oneself around to the desired position for safe dismount from the stairlift chair

None Stairlift users can simply press the lever and swivel the chair back round to its standard operating state and fold the seat up allowing them access to the reaming stairs

Obviously the powered seat swivel is an additional extra feature and comes at an extra costs but if required this option is available

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