Looking at Stairlift reviews can be a good way to evaluate a product or company that said one would be wise to carry out some due diligence. Not all reviews are genuine sadly an area that can be manipulated to make a product or company look good in the eyes of the untrained buyer

Stairlift reviews are now a common tool within the industry to showcase the products and services on offer and hopefully one can glean an understanding of the commitment and trustworthiness of the company or product being offered

Manchester Stairlift Reviews

A good company will have a page dedicated to Stairlift reviews and a selection of photos from past previous clients with them clearly in view of their new stairlift and in most cases with them actually seated on the product

Beware of fake reviews a site showing simple text with a short sentence such as “Fantastic service highly recommend” Bob from Grimsby

Yes it could be a genuine review (Sorry Bob from Grimsby) but if one is seeing dozens of small single line type reviews it should raise a flag, genuine bone fide reviews would have small details from the reviewer such as! The team and Mike were fantastic arrived on time and very impressed with the standard or workmanship etc

Yes again it would not be hard to fake the above review and sadly many do? The thing to note is a genuine review like the one above would also have a photo attached not just of the persons face but with them in proximity of the stairlift

Google Reviews are a good indication the review is genuine again there are ways to obtain or have fake reviews listed but most will be genuine because to leave a Google review one requires a Google Email account and this will prevent a lot of people trying to upload leave fake reviews

Sadly it can also stop genuine clients from leaving reviews lets be honest how many times have you been asked to leave a review then shrugged it off so to speak

You eventually get round to writing that review to find you need to open an account and supply an Email address contact name and all the rest let’s be honest before we know it we are hitting the back button or closing the page/window?

Google Stair lift reviews can be a really good indication of the trustworthiness of a company and even better they will be local listings

Stairlift Trader is a local Manchester Stairlift family run company with many Google stairlift reviews plus a web page dedicated to reviews left by many of our satisfied customers YES most have a photo with the stairlift in view and all are 100% genuine

Don’t just take our word for it click the link below

5 Star Stairlift Reviews

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