How much do Stairlifts Cost? Stairlift Prices vary depending on many variables! Type of Stairlift required; Layout design of your staircase etc

One will either require a Standard Straight Stairlift or a bespoke curved stairlift, the rail is custom made for curved staircases where there is a bend or the staircase has 90deg or 180 bend

Stairlift Prices for a curved stairlift will normally be treble than what one would pay for a straight stairlift due to the bespoke rail

The prices of Stairlift can also be variable depending on! If buying new or reconditioned second-hand. This will mainly come down to your own personal budget and buying a reconditioned Stairlift could save you many hundreds of Sterling Pounds

Stairlift Prices

Stairlift prices can increase dramatically if you require additional features such as manual or powered hinge rails, Powered seat swivel or Powered folding footplate. You may not be aware they are required until a full site survey is conducted and a trained Stairlift specialist / surveyor will advise what the best solution will be to solve your mobility issues

Straight Stairlifts
A standard straight stairlift with no additional extras and being installed on a normal standard straight staircase with no obstructions at the bottom would cost between £1800 to £2300 depending on manufacturer and chosen model

Reconditioned straight Stairlifts normally retail around the £500.00 mark again depending on manufacturer and models available again this price will increase if additional powered options are required

Curved Stairlifts
Regarding curved Stairlift prices well it’s nearly impossible to give a ball park figure due to the bespoke design and curved layout of your staircase typical starting prices for new £5000 and reconditioned pre-used models start from £2999.00

DIY Installation
Beware of trying to cut corners and save money by going down the DIY installation route it rarely works out that you can by a stairlift off Ebay or other classified websites and install it yourself again to many variables! Correct hand of stairlift right hand, Left hand, Stairlift rail to long or too short chances are you will be stuck with something that you can’t install and lack of knowledge and correct tools to complete the job so to speak

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