The Stairlift key switch is a simple way to isolate switch off your stairlift without actually switching the unit off leaving the stairlift on charge and ready to go when required

We sometimes get customers who contact us who are slightly confused which way the key should be turned for the stairlift to be in the correct ON position

A simple way to ascertain if the stairlift key is in the ON or OFF position is to simply try removing the key from the key switch barrel mechanism

If the key is in the ON position one should not be able to pull remove the key from the Stairlift. If the Stairlift key is in the OFF position the key can easily be removed when pulled

Stairlift Key Switch Isolation Rocker Switch

The idea concept of the stairlift isolation key is to offer the ability to quickly switch the unit off; let’s say you have Grandchildren who may be tempted to have a play around on the chairlift

Occasions arise where the stairlift will not work operate mainly after visitors or home help have attended, they may have accidently switched the stairlift key switch to the off position when cleaning the item or Grandchildren just having a little twiddle play so to speak

As above simply check to see if the stairlift key can be removed, if so simply reinsert and turn clockwise one should now find the key cannot be removed from the stairlift and is now in the ON position

Most Stairlifts also have an isolation rocker switch sometimes located underneath the stairlift key switch again this should be checked for the correct ON position

For further reference one should check the user owner manual as each manufacturer may have the stairlift key switch and Isolation rocker switch located mounted in a different position than stated in the image above FIG1A

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