Stairlift Bleeping

Stairlift Beeping?
A stairlift beeping is a sure sign something isn’t right? This is a sound indication feature to inform you that the Stairlift is not on charge, the battery has depleted or has not been fully docked parked at the bottom or top of the rail

Simply moving the Stairlift up or down ensuring the Stairlift is parked at the bottom normally cures the beeping issue, if not you need to check a few things before calling on an engineer to attend.

If the Chairlift is in the correct parking position and still beeping you should check that the charger unit has not been switched off or unplugged from the wall socket.

A typical example for why this can happen! Home-Help or family member could easily unplug the charger to plug a Hoover in, then not reinstating the charger unit back into the wall socket. This is a very common occurrence, if you’re experiencing this issue we recommend going to check the charger now.

If the charger is plugged into the wall socket some charger units have a small LED light that should be lit green to indicate it’s working. If the LED on the charger is not lit then check your consumer unit for a tripped CB Circuit Breaker or blown fuse. To check if the wall socket is working and has power simply plug another household unit into the socket such as a lamp to see if it is functioning correctly.

If the wall socket has power and the charger LED is not lit then you may need to check the fuse in the charger plug. If all above is satisfactory then you will need to call for an engineer to attend to check the Stairlift and charging components.

We have had reports of Stairlifts beeping only to find on arrival the beeping bleeping noise was actually being emitted from a smoke alarm, and the noise was nothing related to the Stairlift. Before calling an engineer make sure the noise is coming from the chairlift and not a smoke alarm or other devices

Hopefully the fix for the bleeping was something as simple as described above and you can enjoy your day. If the problem hasn’t been fixed we’re here to help you get back on track.

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