Obtaining a Stairlift through Stairlift grants DFG can be a lengthy process and time consuming to say the least. Stairlift Grants are available but the whole process can take 18 months if not longer plus you will be means-tested

DFG “Disabled Facilities Grant” Can be obtained via your local Council. The grant can be used to make changes to your home or buying purchasing mobility products such as Stairlifts or modifications to make your home more accessible items such as access ramps preformed or built to specification DFG Grants can be used for many other purposes like converting a bathroom into a wet room etc

The grant may cover all or some of the costs involved in the adaptation of your property

Who is Eligible for Stairlift Grants

Stairlift Grants are available to persons that have some type of disability or mobility issues. This could be yourself or Spouse or anyone living at your address. The main stipulation when applying for aStairlift grant DFG one must commit to staying residing in the property for at least five years

Should you decide to move vacate the property under the five year agreement you may be required to pay back the grant. Grants exceeding £5000 or more will have extended time scales for repayment ensure you fully understand what you are signing for when completing your acquisition for a DFG grant

Your local Council will have to deem any alterations required to your property are necessary and all alterations modifications will be of benefit to your disability mobility issues

Rent a Stairlift Tameside

You must apply for a DFG grant prior to any work commencing failing to comply with this stipulation may affect your right ability to apply for a DFG grant. Please note you may also need planning permission for certain alterations modifications of the property in question, which would not be related to the DFG grant

The person applying for the grant will not only have to outline the type of work required, changes needed but also provide a minimum of two written quotes from independent builders contractors

You can obtain a DFG grant application form from your local Council housing office. The form will require some basic information! Such as personal information Name & Address also a description outline of what modifications are required. If applying for a Stairlift Grant one would simply state Stairlift required for accessing the top floor and how your disability affects you from climbing the stairs and funds needed to assist with payment etc

Means Tested
If the Stairlift is required for a disabled person and is less than eighteen years of age a DFG grant will not normally be means tested

Means tested relates to ones finances and one would be required to provide evidence of incomings / out-goings and savings plus Bank statements as proof of your needs for applying for a grant. Bank Savings less than £6000 will not be taken into account

Application submission
Once you have submitted your application for a DFG GRANT the governing bodies from your local Council housing office will consider all the relevant information given to them

Feasibility Study
The local housing office or Council department will appoint Council officers to attend your home property to check the feasibility of the work required and planning permissions etc

On completion of the survey investigation you will be informed in writing if your application was successful and how much one is entitled to regarding the grant cost be it the full amount or part of the sum applied for?

DFG Grants Amounts
In the UK you can apply for a DFG grant maximum amount £36000 this does not include Scotland if your grant claim is dismissed rejected you have a right to appeal

Stairlift Rentals Tameside

Should the Timescale of applying for a Stairlift Grant be too much of an inconvenience? One could consider renting hiring a Stairlift until the grant funds are completed

We help our customers with complex care needs! Recuperate, recover, or convalesce, after an illness or discharge from hospital by offering straight Stairlift rentals with a fast response to surveys and installation

You could have a Stairlift installed in less than 48 hours by our dedicated team of specialists who understand your requirements and urgency to have a Stairlift installed ASAP

Since the process of obtaining Stairlift grants can be time consuming the benefit of renting a stairlift removes the urgency and uncertainty of getting your loved ones home released from hospital fast

Curved Stairlift Rental
If your staircase is curved it might not be viable to rent a stairlift since the rails are custom made bespoke design the cost of having the rail made may well outweigh any savings and average lead times for curved Stairlifts is around three weeks

If your Staircase has a square landing midpoint one might consider renting two straight Stairlifts not an ideal situation but an option worth considering and if it’s only for a short period it might be worth investigating further?

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