Stairlift Faults

Below are some simple Stairlift faults reasons and remedies why your stairlift might not be working. If your stairlift is broken faulty check out some of the simple things you can check before having to pay for a call-out breakdown engineer to attend

Stairlift not operating working stuck at the bottom / Top
Make sure your Stairlift is switched on might sound obvious but if you have had visitors such as home-help or grandchildren present they may have accidently switched it off while cleaning or grandchildren just playing around

Most Stairlifts can be isolated via a key switch and rocker type switch ensure both are placed in the “On position” normally the key cannot be removed if set in the on position always worth a check.

Stairlift Rocker Isolation Switch
The rocker isolation switch could be located in a number of places / positions! Front Panel, Chair arm, Back Stairlift panel (Wall Side) one may have to feel for it rather than trying to look behind the unit due to limited space the switch could also be located on the plastic safety edge covers normally the switch would be in the down position for normal operation see image below

faulty Stairlift

Stairlift Fault Finding Diagnostic Display
Most Stairlifts have some type of diagnostic display ensure the display is lit and check which code is being emitted displayed refer to your Stairlift owner’s manual handbook under “Stairlift Fault Codes” fault finding

Safety edge Switches
Your stairlift has a number of safety edges sensors built into the carriage and footplate it’s always worth a try to gently push these edges in they should spring back out on release, press check them all! Upside edges and downside edges, also there are three safety edges built into the footplate the large bottom plate and the two side edges, Again press and depress ensure they are free and not sticking when operated See image below

Stairlift Fault Codes Acorn Brooks

Stairlift Seat Swivel
Ensure the seat is set in travel mode simply press the seat release lever and swivel the chair manually then return swivel the seat back into its travel position one should hear a click as it locks in place also check owner’s manual for seat swivel fault codes

Powered Seat Swivel System
If the Stairlift is stuck at the top with a powered seat swivel system press the chair arm buttons paddle switch and drive the chair back and forth ensuring the chair drives fully home in the drive lock position

If the powered seat swivel has been used manually the seat will be out of sync and requires resetting as above using the arm controls drive the motorised seat back and forth one may need to manually push the seat into a lock position then drive the seat via the paddle seat controls / buttons to reset the drive mechanism. If in doubt call for a qualified engineer to attend

Flat Batteries
Common Stairlift Faults! Flat or dead batteries is a common fault ensure the stairlift is switched on plugged into the dedicated outlet socket, very common for home-help to unplug the stairlift from the socket and plug the Hoover in then fail to plug the Stairlift back into the outlet socket

The Stairlift will run for a number of days obviously losing charge every trip it makes up and down the stairs, eventually the Stairlift will stop and start IE move a few inches then stop this is a sure sign the stairlift has not been charging and the batteries are getting flat exhausted

Check the outlet socket is working plug a lamp or other house hold item in the socket to see if it works. If no power at the socket checks at the fuse board and circuit breakers would be your next step ensure CB’s circuit breakers have not tripped

Some chargers have a small coloured LED / Light built into the charger unit ensure this is lit if not check the fuse in the plug attached to the charger unit

Chair Arm Interlock switches
All modern Stairlifts have some type of safety switches built into the chair arms ensure both arms are folded down for correct operation

Stairlift Faults Not working operating from Chair arm paddle / Button switches
If the chairlift fails to operate from the chair arm paddle / Buttons try operating the Stair lift via the remote controls if it operates from the remotes then there clearly is a problem and an engineer would be required to attend at least you can still use the Stairlift with the remotes until someone can attend to fix the problem

Obstructions jammed underneath the Stairlift carriage
Common Stairlift faults someone may have dropped an item that has rolled down the track into the under carriage! Biggest culprit Sweets, Toy Cars and an assortment of other objects children like to play with?

Look down or up along the track to see if any objects have gone underneath the carriage body if so a long plastic knitting needle might dislodge the item and allow it to roll out down the track saving you a hefty call out fee

Powered Hinge Rail Systems
If your Stair lift has a powered folding hinge rail system check ensure the rail is fully down and seated correctly. One can simply raise and lower the hinge a few times this may clear the fault if the interlock switch wasn’t correctly engaged made? Disabling the chairlift to move traverse up and down the track

Stairlift Seatbelts
Some manufacturers incorporate an ‘Immobilizer’ into the seat belt system this prevents the Stairlift from moving operating until the seatbelt is engaged buckled up

Seat Weight Capacity Sensor
Not so common but Stannah have models where a weight sensor is incorporated into the chair seat the Stairlift will not function from the chair arm controls until a person is actually sat on the Stairlift seat. The Stairlift should still operate from the remote controls without anyone being seated in the chair    

All of above are simple things to check before calling out an engineer and with luck this article “Stairlift Faults” hopefully got you back up and running so to speak if not time to ring your local Stairlift Company to arrange a site visit

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