Stairlift carpet renewal is not cheap! Many customers ask should they renew their stairs carpet before installation of a Stairlift the simple answer is YES if one is contemplating have a new staircase carpet in the very near future now would be the right time to have it done before the installation takes place

Renewing your Staircase carpet once a chairlift has been installed is not an easy task and most carpet fitters will refuse to carry out the job unless the Stair lift is removed

All that said it really is down to the carpet fitters and some will try and cut round the fixings to carry out the installation of the new carpet. I have seen good jobs and bad jobs when carpet fitters try to carry out the task with the stairlift left in situ

Obviously Stairlift carpet renewal should be undertaken with the stairlift removed allowing plenty of access to the staircase and without doubt the quality of the fitting will be far superior better than trying to carry out the task with the unit installed

Stairlift Carpet Renewal

Stairlift Carpet renewal is not cheap so don’t get the rug pulled from underneath you so to speak; basically it requires two engineers to arrive before the carpet fitters, isolate and remove the chair and rail and store in a safe place or even load it onto the van for safe keeping

Return the same day after the carpet has been fitted and reinstate the Stair lift basically two men tied up most of the day waiting for the carpet fitters to complete their job etc

Average price for such a job (Straight Stairlift) would be in the region of £300 remember it’s a time consuming job and two visits on the same day all adds up to a lot of labour costs

Curved Stairlifts are even more complex and require a lot more work to remove and re-install basically taking up a full day of the engineers time and will require two people to complete the task average cost £600 so hey if in doubt get that new carpet before you get a Stairlift and save yourself a lot of money and stress

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