Defining which type of Stairlift you require will depend on the layout design of your Staircase hence this article Staircases for Stairlifts

Might seem obvious to some; maybe not? Straight Staircase for Straight Stairlifts and yes you got it! Curved Staircases for curved Stair lifts

Two different designs types each Chairlift is designed to either be installed on a straight Staircase or a curved staircase

There is a huge price difference from a straight Stairlift compared to a curved one. Straight Stairlifts come with a length of straight track that is stock produced and can simply be made longer or shorter to fit the staircase

When looking at Staircases for Stairlifts which have bends curves these are bespoke design custom made solely for your staircase hence the hefty price compared to a straight Stair lift

See image Below FIG4A for what is classed as a straight staircase, note that some staircases look straight but depending on the design a straight Chairlift might not be able to be installed unless some alterations are made to the staircase

Staircases for Stairlifts straight

Straight staircases with fan-shape landings bends at the top or bottom would not be suitable for a straight stairlift installation as one would not be able to safely dismount / mount the chair IE: No safe space landing to place ones feet on dismount

People ask can you not stop the Stairlift at the first step the answer is NO! It would not be safe to mount / dismount from the chair seat at the first step etc. So even though your staircase may look straight you may still require a curved rail Stair lift

Curved Staircases
Staircases for Stairlifts that are curved require a bespoke rail and one would simply know by looking at the stairs a curved system is required. See Image FIG3A for layout designs of curved staircases as stated since these rails are custom made bespoke design the price would be treble compared to a straight Stairlift

Staircases for Stairlifts curved

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