Slimline Stairlifts for older houses! Many older type properties have very narrow stairs and even today construction companies build houses without any thought about having a Stairlift installed later on in life and tend to still build houses with very narrow staircases

Don’t panic Slimline Stairlifts are available and can be installed on most narrow of Staircases, minimum width required for installation of an Acorn/Brooks straight Stairlift for our team to work with is 27’’ / 68.58 Centimetres if one requires a curved stairlift the staircase does have to be considerably wider a minimum width required for a curved stairlift 30’’ / 76.2 Centimetres

Perch Standing Stairlifts

The main problem arises when one is actually sitting on the Stairlift itself. If installed on the narrow staircase the person seated sitting on the Stairlift would find their knees protrude some distance and will likely exceed the width of the staircase not making it feasible to use unless they twist their legs and body not an ideal situation and even worse no room at the top to allow the chair to swivel 90deg for easy dismount from the chair

Simple way to ascertain if a Stair Lift can be installed
One simple way of trying to figure out if a Stairlift would work on your staircase! Place a kitchen chair at the bottom of the stairs and sit on it. One should be able to quickly evaluate the distances widths required and ascertain if it would be feasible

If you want these numbers in measurements see diagram below for a more detailed explanation of widths required to installing a Slimline Stairlift on a narrow Staircase

Slimline Stairlifts

Slimline Stairlifts for narrow staircases are designed to make the most of limited space! Folding Arms, Folding Seats, and folding footplates allowing none Stairlift users room to use the stairs obviously when dealing with narrow staircases concessions have to be made and all concerned are aware compromises might have to be made

Another option for narrow staircase could be a “Perch Standing Stairlift” based on the Slimline stairlift but adapted so the seat is made a lot smaller and raised to a standing position also a folding type of frame barrier is attached to prevent the user from falling and also something to hold onto as they traverse up and down the stairs see image below

Perch Standing Slimline Stairlifts

Perch Stairlifts are not suited for everyone and let’s face it if you require a Stairlift chances are you will not feel comfortable or secure standing on a moving platform but it’s an option and one to be considered

The last option would be a Stairlift made in the Netherlands by a company called ThyseenKrupp Encasa they make a Stairlift known as the Flow2 which can be installed on staircases with a minimum width of 24 inches / 60.96 Centimetres

Flow 2 curved stairlift

These products are very expensive and one would be looking at treble the price of a standard slimline Stairlift but if you have deep pockets the option is available and could solve your mobility issues

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