How long will my stairlift last? Good question! The average lifespan of stairlifts is around 7-8 years, but there are too many factors in the equation to give a precise figure.

Things that can impact a stairlift’s lifespan include; how often the stairlift is used, the weight of the user and the angle of the staircase just to name a few.

Lifespan of Stairlifts

The early model stairlifts were built like tanks and certainly made to last, their body construction was made from steel plate and very little plastic setting them up to last.

Modern chairlifts are mainly made of plastic and very little steel is used in the fabrication process, components such as carriage body, safety edges plus footplate are all made of toughened plastics. This does have the advantage of the units being a lot lighter and helps with the legal requirements of how much one person should be required to lift handle on their own. All modern stairlifts are plastic design using a high grade plastic such as ABS, polycarbonate, PPSU, and UHMW which have outstanding toughness and durability.

These types of plastics are frequently used for industrial, construction, and military applications where durability is critical.

The good news is all modern stairlifts are now DC Battery operated with DC motors. This again helps to reduce the weight of the unit and remove a lot of moving parts required to drive an electric stairlift connected to the mains supply. Removing the need for high voltage trailing cables to supply the stairlift with power reduces the risk of malfunction and electrocution.

All modern stairlifts are now rack & pinion driven once again removing noisy unsightly driving chains which needed lubrication and regular maintenance, this means you can have peace of mind that your stairlift will keep on working without too much intervention on your part.

Ultimately, the lifespan of stairlifts will vary from owner to owner, but one should expect many trouble free years of usage if the stairlift is well maintained and looked after. We’re here to help you find your perfect stairlift and can recommend your ideal chairlift that will stand the test of time.

If you do ever have a fault, we can assist with our stairlift service and repairs service available throughout Manchester.

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