HD heavy duty Stairlifts are available; Stairlift companies understand a one fit size does not cover all situations regarding the size and weight of a person who may require a chairlift

Most Stairlifts are made manufactured for the average size person weighing in around 20Sst – 127kg and of medium build this figure would accommodate 75% of the UK population

Curved Stairlifts have a different weight limit (SWL) Safe Working Load and is around the 19st – 120kg mark. As stated above Stairlift manufacturers are aware that not one fit, fits all so to speak and build manufacturer Heavy Duty Stairlifts (HD)

Acorn Brooks straight Stairlifts have a SWL OF 127kg for a person heavier than the stated weight they produce manufacture a HD class type of stairlift that has a SWL OF 25st – 158.757kg

They have also incorporated into the design the ability to increase widen the space of the chair arms allowing for a more substantial person to be seated comfortably without feeling being squeezed in to the chair seat

Heavy Duty Stairlifts HD

There are Stairlift companies now producing heavy duty Stairlifts that have a safe working load SWL 31st – 197kg. So no matter what your size or weight maybe there should be a solution from at least one of the manufacturers who produce heavy duty Stairlifts

Depending on your weight one may have to do a little research to find a company that supply heavy duty Stairlifts to suit your weight conditions and ensure that the chairlift has scope for fluctuating weight conditions! One may gain or lose a few pounds over the coming months or years etc.

If you require a heavy duty curved stairlift one should look at the Platinum HD stairlift with a SWL of 25st – 158.757kg Stairlift Trader can supply all models stated in this article please contact us today for more information on heavy duty Stairlifts we offer a free home survey and fast installation

Most curved Stairlifts require a bespoke custom made rail and the lead times for installation vary depending on model average lead times for a curved installation 2 – 3 weeks from date of survey

Stairlift Trader are a local Tameside Manchester Stairlift company with decades of experience in the Stairlift mobility industry we offer new or reconditioned Stairlifts at competitive prices rent or buy contact us today for a free stairlift home survey quote

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