A question that arises often from prospective buyers do Stairlifts use a lot of electric/electricity? This question is now a major concern due to the huge increase in gas and electricity prices

Electricity prices have trebled in 2022 and are expected to rise even higher at the end of the year so one would be justified in looking into do Stairlifts use a lot of electricity.

Fear not! The good news is Stairlifts use very little electric/electricity, under normal everyday running conditions the running costs would equate to roughly £5.00 per year. This is in comparison to a 60 Watt light bulb that would cost approximately £14.00 per year.

Stairlifts use very little electricity due to all modern stairlifts operating on batteries. Obviously, the batteries do require charging and this does require a power source such as a standard household socket for the charger unit to be plugged into.

Stairlifts are normally trickle-charged when parked at the top or bottom of the staircase. The charger output is connected to a copper charging strip attached to the top and bottom of the rail. See the image below for more detail.

Do Stairlifts use a lot of electric

When the lift is stationery parked up / docked a small amount of trickle charge voltage/current from the charger is fed into the stairlift system to charge it. Once fully charged it automatically stops charging so the batteries never get over charged and you don’t waste electricity.

This is all done automatically, one does not need to plug a charger unit into the Stairlift system so there are worries about forgetting to put the Stairlift on charge every day or night. Once fully charged the Stairlift will simply stop charging, so there is no need to worry about remembering to unplug a charger etc.

Stairlifts use sealed lead acid batteries 12V 7ah X 2 which are readily available from battery stockists or local DIY stores. We highly recommend one does not attempt DIY stairlift battery replacement and one should always seek use an approved agent installer.

Some stairlift manufacturers use a special designed battery pack that cannot be purchased from a local retailer and can only be purchased direct from the Stairlift manufacturer and one would need to be an authorised trader dealer to purchase such an item.

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We hope this article “Do Stairlifts use a lot of electricity?” has answered your question if you have any concerns about your stairlift please contact our team today. Alternatively, check out our Stairlift Buyers guide FAQ packed with answers and questions to the most common related questions asked about stairlifts.

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