Cleaning Stairlifts should be undertaken with caution! Some Spray cleaning solvents could have an adverse affect and spraying cleaning products directly onto a surface or componenet could damage the stairlift

We understand you want to keep your Chairlift Spick n Span and rightly so; all that said carrying out the right cleaning procedure with the correct cleaning solvents will prevent any unwanted mishaps or damage to the Stairlift and components

Cleaning Stairlifts with Solvents
Never use solvents in abundance and avoid furniture polish like the plague. We have come across instances in our years where owners have sprayed there Chairlifts with fluids to such an extent the fluid has dripped through air vents recesses and onto the main PCB causing short circuits and hundreds (£400) of pounds in damage

Never use furniture polish on the track rails this is even more important when dealing with curved rail systems

Many Stairlifts use rollers not only to allow the Stair lift to glide roll up and down the track / rail but some rollers are attached to safety sensors “OSG” Over Speed Governor that send a signal to the main PCB processor unit if the rollers skid or intermittently stop rolling the Stairlift will automatically stop shut down sensing a speed problem

Spraying furniture polish onto the rail will without doubt cause a man made fault and can be hard to put right without a full strip down of the unit to access the rollers causing an expensive repair plus the inconvenience of not having a working stair lift

Cleaning Stairlifts

We recommend that one applies cleaning fluids solvents directly to a rag in fact a damp cloth with no cleaning solvents would work just as well, avoid over wetting the cloth Simply dusting your stairlift every week or few days should keep it looking pristine

Extra caution should be taken when cleaning curved rail Stairlifts the nice pearl white rails tend to get black marks on them over a period of time; this is caused by dust! When dust settles on the rail the constant pressure of the rollers running over the dust compacts it and forms black marks

Once again a damp cloth should be used and vigorous scrubbing should remove most marks

Chair seat upholstery can be cleaned with daily cleaning products again sparse is the key don’t overdo it so to speak, always apply any cleaning solution directly onto the cleaning cloth

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