Outdoor stairlifts are a great solution if one requires an external stairlift to access a few steps for access into the back garden or maybe access to the front door which is only accessible via concrete brickwork steps.

Outdoor stairlifts require a dedicated power supply source connected to an RCD (Residual Current Device) especially made and installed for outdoor appliances such as chairlifts or electric garden heaters.

At first glance, you wouldn’t really be able to distinguish between a standard indoor stairlift and an outdoor stairlift. Stairlift manufacturers have incorporated many features to allow them to remain outdoors and survive the unpredictable UK climate.

Outdoor Stairlifts Chairlifts

To help keep your outdoor stairlift safe, additional weather proof boxes are used to mount the delicate fragile PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which would otherwise be susceptible to the harsh cold and damp conditions which could be harmful to the components.

The ventilation ingresses on the chairlift body have been removed or relocated to stop rain and damp conditions finding their way into the wiring and circuitry, which could cause short circuits and damage the stairlift components.

Extra weatherproofing seals and rubber fixings have be applied to the carriage covers, again to try and reduce the risk of water damage to the stairlift mechanism and vital components located inside the stairlift carriage

In addition to all of the above, some company’s manufacturers also supply an outdoor weatherproof blanket cover which can be placed over the chairlift to offer some type of extra protection against the harsh UK winter weather conditions.

All the same features and functions can be found on an outdoor stairlift one would expect to find on an indoor stair lift and some manufacturers offer both straight and curved outdoor stairlifts.

The cost of such an item is a lot more expensive than the standard indoor type due to the extra precautionary measures that have been integrated into the outdoor unit.

If your disability is preventing you from getting out and enjoying your garden or access to other outdoor features, an outside  stairlift could be the simple solution to regain the space and freedom of the great outdoors.

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