We get asked a lot about stairlift removals and buy-back schemes. Sadly, for whatever reason, there comes a time when your stairlift is no longer needed, and it’s natural to wonder can you sell your used stairlift?

Stairlift buy-back schemes can be hit and miss. Simply put; you don’t get a lot of money back for used second-hand stairlifts.

The market is flooded with unwanted used chairlifts. A quick look on Ebay, Gumtree, or Facebook shows an abundance of used unwanted stairlifts for sale.

If you are selling a stairlift, the best approach would be to leave the stairlift in situ to allow the prospective buyer to view and test the stairlift before purchase.

We caution against doing a DIY removal of your stairlift. Removing it yourself could hinder the sale, and we see a lot of people trying to remove unwanted used stairlifts in one piece with the chair still attached to the rail.

This not only makes it heavy and cumbersome to move and transport, but logistically it’s impossible to arrange transport or collection of such an item for the average person with a standard motor vehicle.

If not trained on stairlift removal there’s a good chance you could cause expensive damage to the stairlift, making it unsellable or reducing its overall value.

Stairlift Removals

Your first port of call when dealing with stairlift removal and buy-back schemes would be to contact the original installer and give them the option offer to buy the stairlift back.

As stated above, there is abundance of unwanted used stairlifts for sale and have very little value when it comes to resale; average resale value for a straight chairlift ranges between £100-£300 depending on its age and condition.

Curved stairlifts can be even harder to sell depending on the brand of stairlift you own. We often find that some curved stairlift brands sell better than others.

Since curved stairlift rails are bespoke to the stairs they were made for the rail is worthless apart from scrap metal value.

The average price for a used unwanted curved stairlift varies between £300-£500. This again depends on the manufacturer, the age of the stairlift and its condition.

You may find depending on the age and manufacturer of the stairlift, you may have to pay someone to remove it and take it away, most companies charge around £200-£300 for stairlift removal.

That may seem expensive but due to the large size of the item and many none recyclable items incorporated into the unit it’s not an easy task to accomplish and recycling old unwanted stairlifts is a time consuming process and takes up a lot of storage space.

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