We get this question asked many times the simple answer is yes. You can hire Stairlifts. Renting hiring a stairlift can be cost effective if you only need to hire for a short period of time

Many people hire / rent Stairlifts for a short term to allow them to recuperate from an illness or recover from some medical procedure that has left them with mobility issues

Under normal circumstances it would only be feasible to hire rent a stairlift if your staircase is straight with no fan shape steps near the top see images below

Rent hire a Stairlift

Curved Stairlift Hire / Rental

It would not be practical to hire rent a curved stairlift due to the rails being bespoke design! Each curved rail is custom made for each staircase the financial outlay of the rail would outweigh any saving factors and really is not financially viable to rent a curved stairlift for a short period of time

Depending on the staircase layout one might be able to rent hire two straight Stairlifts to overcome the high financial cost of trying to hire a curved Stairlift

Hire Stairlifts

As mentioned above if your staircase has a fan shape section then a straight Stairlift cannot be installed and one would have to consider purchasing a curved Stairlift with a custom made bespoke rail

Stairlift Hire Rental Costs

How much does it cost to hire rent a stairlift the approximate price would be around £45,00pcm (Per calendar month) Normally there would be a small charge for the installation which would be payable on the day of installation followed by a fixed monthly hire rental fee

The main advantage of hiring a stairlift is your rental fee would also cover servicing and breakdown charges if and when required you also don’t have the inconvenience of trying to sell the stairlift when no longer required and a back a fraction of the cost one initially paid for it etc

Stairlift Trader is a local Manchester Tameside family run company that offers stairlift rentals you can hire a Stairlift from us with no contract hire it for one week or one year when you no longer require the Stairlift we will arrange a convenient date to remove it free of charge

For more information on Stairlift Rental Manchester visit our Stairlift rental page