A common question we get asked a lot! Are Stairlifts Safe? The simple answers is YES Stairlifts are 100% safe manufacturers suppliers have spent decades designing and incorporating safety features into their products

Many people fear that the stairlift might crash to the bottom like you see in movies where a lift falls 24 floors and crashes to the bottom with devastating affects

In all my years as a lift / Stairlift engineer I can honestly say I have never seen a Stairlift free fall due to rapid deceleration and crash to the bottom. There is a simple device called a “Safety Gear” incorporated into the motor drive gearbox just like a seatbelt in a motor vehicle any sudden jolt or inertia the system locks up

Are Stairlifts safe if not serviced inspected? One would be wise to have your Stairlift serviced inspected annually by a trained engineer this is also known as preventative maintenance finding faults or problems before they arise

Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to inure there is little or no possibility of a user or none stairlift user getting injured when operating the Stairlift

All Stairlifts have safety edges incorporated into the carriage and foot-plate mechanism these anti crushing devices work in a manor if triggered or pushed in will automatically stop the Stairlift in the direction of travel

One would need to remove the obstruction before continuing with their journey. The Stairlift will move in the opposite direction allowing you to return to the top or bottom of the rail so one is not stranded midpoint should an obstruction stop the Stairlift

All modern Stair lifts now come with a seatbelt and it is recommended this be worn when using operating the Chairlift

Are Stairlifts Safe

Another great addition safety feature is the key lock and isolation switch to prevent unauthorised use of the Stair lift one can switch it off and remove the key this is great if you have grandchildren who seem to be drawn to this new toy

Getting on or off dismounting from the Chairlift is also made simple via the chairlift seat swivel system! Simply release a lever and swivel the chair 90deg allowing safe dismount when at the top when swivelled the chair seat also acts as a barrier preventing one from falling down the stairs

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